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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 4/21/2009 05:36:00 PM

Everyday Minerals powders. I personally find the coverage rather thick and mineral powders are good for our skin too. It is not available in Singapore but you can purchase it online at


You can order their sample kit (it is free!! Yeah . Just need to pay for the shipping fee) The ones with brown cover are the sample kit. (They are called the mini ones)
I tried their sample before ordering the "normal" ones.

It has been a longgggg time since I took picture with my kitkat.

My collection of face powders. They all have different purpose. Some are concealers, for minimizing pores, brightening, base, colour corrector and for contouring. MORE TO COME!!
Tuesday, April 07, 2009 at 4/07/2009 12:46:00 AM
I want to go Tokyo again. 8days in Tokyo is NOT ENOUGH!!!
I like the people there, they are soooooooo nice..sooooooo polite..

Suppose to be back on 23rd Mar evening, but there was an accident in Narita Airport and they have to close down some lanes. End up, we have to take a coach to Nagoya which is about 7hrs. (Its like going to Genting from Sg)

Our departure time in Nagoya was at 11pm but again it delayed. We sat in the plane while waiting for it to take off for about 2hours then the pilot announced that there was some technical problems. In the end, they sent us to Hilton Plaza to stay for 1 night. lol.

Free food vouchers, free hotel stay (and its Hilton) Free international breakfast at Hilton.


We took a lot of pictures there but its not quite possible to upload all in my blog. So..if you are interested to see the pictures, its all in my facebook (:

Tokyo Breast Pudding. Bought in Asakusa.

Seriously, this Minnie Mouse mirror costs almost $10. I really duno why did i bought it. BUT IT IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Bought another Minnie Mouse handphone charm. I must be crazy. Bought another handphone charm at Shinanomachi .

We bought a total of 5 Agnes b bags in Tokyo. Mine is the purple one. These designs (according to the salesgirl) is only available in Japan.

Finally bought a Coach coin purse(S$95) at Mitsui Outlet Park. Its a big shopping mall that has alot of outlet shops like Adidas, Nike,Puma and etc. They have Coach too. If you were to buy their bags there, its about 40% cheaper compared to the ones in Singapore. Their small leather goods like wallets and coinpurse, it is only about 10% discount off compared to the ones in Sg.

I must be crazy. I bought 4 types of face powder (but they are used for different purposes, Eg : for pores, brightening and base) Some of these products are selling in Sg but it is cheaper in Tokyo.

Oh yes, I am sure by now some of you must have heard of Uniqlo (UT). It is a local brand in Japan. So nice. I bought 2 items there for myself. on 9th April, there will be one UT boutique in Tampines.

In Odaiba having footbath.

Tokyo DisneyLand. We went to Disney Sea and DisneyLand but I still prefer DisneyLand.