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Guidance from Ikeda Sensei
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 11/25/2008 07:05:00 PM
A recent daily guidance from Ikeda Sensei :

"When we challenge ourselves in trying times, we can accumulate tremendous benefit.
Benefit is manifested in many different ways.
Sometimes undergoing a trial that seems more like punishment opens the way to happiness.
It's like surgery or an injection- they may hurt but they can restore your health.
Even in the most desperate of circumstances, if we challenge ourselves through strong faith,
we can gain true great benefit.
This is the profound teaching of the Daishonin."

Suyi wrote it on a sticker paper thingy and passed to me yesterday when we met up.

After reading it, I am really encouraged by Sensei's guidance. I am very sure if I were to tell what I have gone through, he would definitely say the same thing to me.

I am really thankful to him, if he did not do world-wide kosen-rufu, I wouldn't have known this Nichiren Buddhism. Suyi will be going to Japan next week and she will be visiting the HQ in Japan. I am going to write a letter to Sensei to thank him.
The beginning of my journey to victory!
Something happened on Sunday.
To some, they might think "I have been chanting so much, why din Gohonzon answer my prayers?" and then most likely these people will stop chanting and discontinued their faith. At that point of time, my faith is being tested. But for me, I did not think this way, instead, I will continue my prayers and continue to seek and believe in this faith. I keep telling myself that there must be a reason why this happened.

After meeting up with Suyi, I finally understand why it din turn out the way I want. Imagine, if I were to get it so easily, it is not a victory. Actually when I think back, I am glad that I din get it this time round. My faith was tested at that point of time and I am glad I have overcome it (:

If its the old shoonie, I will still be very upset and will be crying for days and will feel very demoralized.

"Nichiren Daishonin states in the Gosho "To accept is easy; to continue is difficult"

But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith. Those who uphold this sutra and practice the correct teaching should be prepared to meet difficulties. "

And to be very very honest, I am very happy that I took up this faith.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 11/18/2008 01:01:00 PM
Daisaku Ikeda wrote this,

When our determination changes, everything will begin to move in the direction we desire. The moment we resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fiber in our being will immediately orient itself toward our success. On the other hand, if we think, 'This is never going to work out,' then at that instant, every cell in our being will be deflated and give up the fight."

Selling genuine Gucci Bag
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 11/12/2008 09:00:00 PM

Retail price : S$500
Selling now for : S$400 (Negotiable)
Condition of the bag : 9/10
Comes with Gucci box and the Gucci paper bag.

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Grilling on Friday night.
Monday, November 10, 2008 at 11/10/2008 12:53:00 PM

Grilling at tung's house last friday. I was watching Channel 55 HongKong drama series while eating with them, they forced me to switch to other channel as they find it boring. -.-

End up, we watched Channel 62 (while eating), it was showing Ghost Game at that time. Quite fun to watch horror movie with tung, mindy and kitkat. You will not feel scare but you will laugh your ass off. Whenever the ghosts appear, they will make fun of them and kitkat will give some scientific terms/explanation.

Yup yup, good news. My mum's operation was very successful but her wounds hurt. She is having her 2 weeks MC right now,resting at home (:

I admired my mum's courageous spirit. Even when she found out that there are stones in her gallbladder instead of feeling depress and always worrying about it, she still attended Gakkai activities, encouraged her members, did home visits and etc. She still remain cheerful and always smiling as though nothing happened. We had a chapter friendship gathering in Sep. There is a group of ywds and wds who put up a Japanese dance, my mum and few other wds went down to the dance studio to support them and accompanied them throughout every trainings. They will buy some snacks and bring down for them and helped to take care of some of the wds' children.

I feel that my mum is like a lotus flower, as we all know, lotus flowers grow on muddy ponds,weeds and algae inside the pond. Though living in a harsh environment, the lotus flower is still able to grow beautifully. It is not affected by anything.

Of course I am not saying that my mum is living in a harsh environment but she remains unaffected at all times. This is something which I wanna learn from my mum. I must not be affected by what anyone says or anything that happens.
i love you, mummy
Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 11/06/2008 10:21:00 AM
My beloved mummy is going for her operation to remove her gallbladder. There are stones inside her gallbladder, so the doctor said that the best way to remove her gallbladder so that the stones will not grow back...

Sounds okay..but...

she will not be able to eat fatty food in the future.

will be going to GH to see her later.
Level of determination and motivation added
Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 11/05/2008 07:59:00 PM
My younger sister wants to study in a Uni as a full time student. She hates the idea of working full time and studying part time. (I really understand that and I hate it too) . But my mum is not able to fork out 30K or more to let her study full time in a Uni.

I am very sure my mum din want it this way too.

All thanks to my 3rd uncle. (if not things will not turn out this way)

Seeing my sister being so upset about it. The more determined I am,

I MUST GET ____ ___

I want to lessen my mum's burden.

I want to sponsor my sis's future study even if its a small amount.

I want to give my parents monthly allowance instead of taking it from them.

I want to provide my parents a better life. If possible, hire a part time maid so that my mum need not work so hard.

Well, it is not that I come from a poor family, we are average income family but still..