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Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 12/27/2007 04:03:00 PM
Haven been blogging for quite some time and...I think I have a lot to say.

My dearest ah ma passed away peacefully on 23rd Dec 2007. It is a pity that I din get to see her for the last time. I had chingay training that day,i received a phone call from my eldest sister at abt 7.30pm. Was actually planning to go drink some coffee with Plo.

I headed home straight. When my sister told me the news over the phone, I din cry. I duno how to react, its only when I get home, I started looking for her photograph in the cupboard, that is the moment when I started crying.

I know it is a relief for her becos her health is not good (she had foot infection and it leads to other things too) But I just cld not accept the fact that she is gone. Images of her keep appearing in my mind.

Right now my house is a lot quieter now, no more maid(my aunt decided to send her back cos we dun need her anymore as my grandma is gone) , no more grandma. My aunt and my cousin will be moving out soon. Sighs. I enjoy living in a big family (alright I duno if I phrase it correctly. but what I am trying to say is, I like to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousins.) Sorry my bad, my English is BAD! lols. TIME TO READ MORE BOOKS!!!!!

Lately, my parents want to buy a new set of sofa. Seriously, I don't wanna change the sofa. It still looks new and clean. Alright that is not the point. The real reason is, my grandma used to sit at that particularly spot on the L-shape sofa. In the past whenever I walked past that area, I will look at her and greet her. She used to sit there and watch TV. But now, she no longer sits there. ):
I miss her , I miss her cooking, I miss the way she calls me. I have been living with her since young. She is the one who taught me how to cook fried rice. She taught me many things.

When I was younger, we would go out together. Normally lao ren jia tends to walk slower, I would always slow down , hold her hand and walked with her and she will always say "Weiwei is so a good girl." in teochew.

Back in the old house, sometimes I sleep with her, at night I would wake up and cover blanket for her.

Was talking to my mum while I was blogging this. I started crying (as usual). Now my eyes are like goldfish's eyes. RED and SWOLLEN. She said I should feel happy for my grandma because she passed away peacefully and could live till 87 years old. She no longer need to suffer the pain.

So ppl, treasure the ones around you especially your loved ones. (:
Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 12/23/2007 11:57:00 AM
This picture is specially taken for Passerby (sounds funny to call you that but you din tell me your name) It is not really clear but at least you will have a rough idea how the 3 must-have items look like (:

A big hello to everyone!

Been busy lately (working, WoW-ing, chingay training and dating with kitkat [lol])

Got lots to update actually.

Gonna post a short entry for you now (passerby)

Hello! You asked where did I perm my eye lashes, but er I din perm my eye lashes. (:

My eyelashes are short (unfortunately) so I dun see any point in perming it since its short. I am not sure which salon to recommand you to perm your lashes.

But there are 3 items which you can use to make ur lashes look VOLUME, LONG and CURL!


1. Active Girl Max Volume Mascara

You can get this in SaSa or John Little departmental store. This mascara is good (: It is waterproof, does not smudge and most importantly, it curls your lashes. BUT do remember to curl your lashes using the eyelash curler before using this. I used 2.Shu Uemura eyelash curler. ITS GOOD!!

3. Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes

This is a "white fiber" . It lengthens your lashes. Because my lashes are short, so I really need this and it really works. But I think this is a bit expensive. It cost about $40 and its a small tube but it can last you for quite some time. If you were to purchase it, do ask the salesgirl how you should apply it (:

p.s Just a gentle reminder, I will recommand you to use those eye makeup remover that is specially for waterproof mascara. Because The Active Girl mascara is waterproof and does not smudge, so it is a bit difficult for you to remove it (:

Do let me know if it works for u (:
Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 12/11/2007 03:45:00 PM
WAHAHHAHAAA... This is my World of Warcraft character. (:
beautiful issit she? I know her face looks scary , but it is because she is wearing a helm, Tier 4 helm. Actually I spent a lot of time WoW-ing. Eh eh eh please don't put me under the category "No Life". I still go school (duhz), go work and do what other girls are still doing. :D My classmate gave me this website www.simpsonizeme.com Quite interesting, try it :D I uploaded kitkat's picture. and TA DAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwww..i miss them. Including ling too :D