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Monday, August 20, 2007 at 8/20/2007 10:36:00 PM
A very interesting and cute game from YF's DS. Its call Cooking Mama. Lols

Using the touch screen pen to "cook" the food. So cute.

Went St James with cheryl last friday. We finished the half-bottle of Martel (hmm, nt sure if its spelled like that). Even though there were only 2 of us, we still enjoy alot. Its not the number of ppl that clubbed together,its the company you clubbed with (:
Holidays , COMING SOON!!!! 3more DAYS!!! YEAH!!
New goals for next semester
1) To reach class before 8.45am
2) Get better GPA. (Study for ALL UTs. lols)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 8/14/2007 11:35:00 PM
Went IKEA with my "bitches" on Tuesday!!

We ate the Ikea cafe. Their meatballs = yummy, lovely
Mich and Hannah shopped abit there. Mich bought stuff to decorate her room while Hannah bought stuff to do for her bf. How sweet.
Went to club last Wed with cheryl,xiaoping and angela after we had steamboat.
We shared 3 jugs of vodka sprite,some beer,8 "POPs".
After drinking those "POPs" we went home, we started taking pics while our faces were like "pig face" (especially mine).
I think if i had another "POP" , about 2min later, you will see shoonie lying on the floor. Lols
Friday, August 03, 2007 at 8/03/2007 08:56:00 PM
My new favourite pic (:

Issit he CUTE and LOVELY???? kitkat hates him, often calling him a stupid dog. lols.

Kelvin bought this eye shadow make up kit for my sister. Lovely issit? A total of 98 COLOURS!!!!

Edwin told me that Edmund wrote something abt me in his blog. Something funny. lols
He enjoys bringing food into the class and smell of his food is so strong. I would always say "eh edmund, can u open the door?" He never complains, but he will make fun of me. -_-''
The way he wrote abt it is kinda funny, I just read it today.