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Friday, December 19, 2008 at 12/19/2008 01:33:00 AM

I watched Twilight with kitkat yesterday and...I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!
He thinks its boring and lame because it is a romantok (new word for romantic, learnt from billy) movie. Most guys do not appreciate romantok movies.

Anyway, the main actor in the movie, he is a very very romantok,charming,handsome and sweet 105 years old vampire. LOL

When I got home, I began to search for the soundtracks for Twilight online till 3am. I must be crazy.

There is a scene showing Edward and Bella dancing at the prom night and the song which was playing in the movie is really nice. I managed to find the song and it is called Flightless Bird,American Mouth, sang by Iron and Wire.

It is not the lyrics that attracted me, its the rhythm of the song. It sounds very smoothing, romantic and kinda touching.
I don;t know if that is the real reason why I love that song or issit because when the song was playing, Edward and Bella was dancing. Bella wanted Edward to bite her so that she could turn into a vampire and be together with Edward forever. But Edward refused, he said "Just live your life long and stay happy with me." Something like that.

I tell you, when I heard him saying that, I was like ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

i miss sherrie
Tuesday, December 09, 2008 at 12/09/2008 10:28:00 AM
Started playing pet society , its sooooo cute. Thats my pet and sherrie's. Might be meeting her on sunday. (:

Usually at this time, I will be chatting with sherrie in msn. But now she has already started her training. Today is her 1st day of "school". I feel so happy and excited for her at the same time.

She is so sweet la, called me during her half and hour break. The first thing she said when I answered the call was " wei (hello) " and she giggled. So so so damn cute la..I duno why but when she called , I was very happy and smiling as I am talking to her. (eh don't get me wrong, I am not lesbian,we are perfectly straight.)

She wrote something specially for me yesterday in her blog. And I am really really really extremely touched by her. I can feel her sincerity and warmth.

And to my dearest sherrie, I am very happy to know you too.Your nonsense, your cuteness, your smiles and sespecially the sound of your laughter brightens up my day. A friend that I must keep forever. Your company is really fortunate to have someone like you, so am I.
Specially for sherrie the meanie
Sunday, December 07, 2008 at 12/07/2008 11:46:00 PM
To my dearest Sherrie,
I miss crapping with you too. The 1st pic you uploaded in your blog is kinda of..creepy. When I first saw it, I was wondering "Is that really your ah ma? Why does she look so..stiff?" Then when I looked at it for a few more seconds, I realized it is fake. lol

Scary can?

I know you MUST have enjoyed yourself alot at the zoo on Saturday.
Must be enjoying bullying someone...LOL..

Oh and and, you wrote this in your blog

" Puddie, if you are thinking what happened today, I’m NOT gonna tell you ! Wait you say me bad again. Lol."

Even if you did not tell me, I KNOW U ARE A MEANIE!!!


please don;t hate me.
Out with sherrie the meanie. lol
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 at 12/03/2008 10:51:00 PM

My new friend, Sherrie (the meanie). LOL
Got to know to her from a forum and we started chatting in msn for quite some time before we meet up. She gave me a nick Puddie. I don;t know why and how. Its sounds cute but sounds like a dog's name. lol. She is DAMN cute. Bubbly, friendly and super nice. Her batchmates will be very fortunate to have her in their class.

for him
Both me and sherrie bought The Queen magazine (its all in chinese, so..I will have a hard time reading and each of us got a freebie , its eyeshadow but she gave me hers and she don't often use it. * WAHAHAHAhA*

I read CLEO (Dec issue) and 4 women tried Fine Fairness Neutrogena range. They gave good reviews on it. So... I am gonna give it a try. I sign up for the free trial online. They will be sending me a trial package that consists of a cleanser, toner and a mask. So I went to buy the lotion yesterday. Will be buying the night cream as well but at the moment I am using the one which the doctor gave me.

Bought a pair of navy blue colour heels from Heatwave, the shoes are very lasting. Especially the heels, unlike some of the shoes which I bought from Far east in the past, they break easily.

i don't know how
I don't know why
All i know is, there will be a best outcome for us.
Monday, December 01, 2008 at 12/01/2008 12:13:00 PM
I dreamt about my grandma last night.

She lay her mattress along the corridor and when I got home, I saw her sleeping there.
I asked her to go into the house with me but she refused, saying my mum don't allow and that she wants to stay in an old folks home.

I went home and start begging my mum , persuading her to allow my grandma to come in and stay with us. I offer to share room with my grandma. After much persuasion, my mum allow her to come in and sleep with me.

I remember I was very happy in the dream. I woke up and thought to myself , "yeah she is gonna share room with me". After a few seconds, I realized that it was only a dream. She is gone. Gone for almost a year now.

I miss her