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3 years of poly life..ended
Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 1/24/2009 01:00:00 AM
School ended.
Spent almost 3years studying in RP gone just like that.
To be honest, I am quite upset about it. (Not that I want to repeat a module just to be back in poly, I hoping that I will not fail my Web game application module..ahhh..i hate codings)

I know I will miss my friends in poly and the fun time we had.
Playing lan games in class with my friends.

Recently played "Left 4 dead" with some of them in the animation lab using those "big big desktop".
Screaming at Jay and Gim Hock when they tried to lock me outside the safe room (in the game) for I fear zombies will attack me from behind.

So fun.

Enjoy the times when I talk cock with them in class.
I will miss Joanne too (the happy pea)
To be honest, I have not NEVER seen her angry before. lol

Just attended her birthday celebration at Pasir Ris, glad that she like the presents which Jay,Thomas,Joe and I gave her.

Every morning in school at about 9.30am, either kitkat or me will msn each other and asked

"k, meet now"

Usually in the 1st break, I will go with kitkat,chris and maki. Eating chicken/turkey/tuna sandwich and MILK TEA!! Then we will walk to the bookshop to get mineral water and mint sweets (these 2 are like my daily necessities). Its like our daily school routine. Arghhh I will miss it..very much.

After school, (70% of the time) 4 of us will walk together to the interchange.
Talk talk talk talk all the way there.

One thing which I realized, when school is coming to an end, I got to know a few new friends (nice people of cos). Which is kind of late(and sad) because school has ended now, I will not get to see nor talk to them as much now.

I will miss school ):
Outing with Sherrie and shannon
Tuesday, January 06, 2009 at 1/06/2009 08:59:00 PM

i miss black. Where is black&grey?

Met up with Sherrie and Shannon at Novena, we had Fish & Co for dinner. Sherrie's treat!
Shannon went Japan alone that night for 2 weeks. ALONE!! oh my goodness, I wonder how is he doing there now. lol
He went off after the dinner, I brought Sherrie to Udders for ice-cream and waffle~ Lovely~
If I am not wrong, it is spelled as UDDERS. A very nice place for lovers and friends to chill out.

Waffle with Gila Melaka, Green Tea-riffic, Mao Shan Wang. I tell you, Mao Shan Wang is sooo durian-ish.

Hot Lava, adding dark chocolate chips into the milk, the more you add, the more chocolat-ie it is~ (alright, its like DUH of cos la)
I wrote "Pud and Meanie" on the mirror, my handwriting is soooooo nice. lol
Cant wait to eat it
There is a blackboard there, allows customers to write any kind flavors which they would like Udders to make. Someone wrote Curry Chicken flavor!! wth..
Shannon and Sherrie. Dun you guys think Shannon looks a bit like the Channel 8 actor Adam Chen?