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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 4/25/2007 03:11:00 PM
With my beloved Kitkat.
I am 20 now. Reaching that '20 something' world. Shit. My family celebrated with me a day earlier as it was a Sunday, my auntie cooked that night. Crabs and prawns. YUMMY!

Celebrated with my year 1 sem 1 classmates at Indochine. We played some games like "7-Up", "Big fish and Small fish" Funny game. Evon had some problems with the "7-up" game. lol Dara had a problem with the "Small fish and big fish" game. Lols. I too had a problem with the Fish game. lols. I wanna thank you all, I appreciated that you ppl came down that day.

"Big Fish!"

"Big SHIFT!"

Only those who were present that night knew what I mean. Lols.
Not forgetting, my beloved girlfriends who came down to celebrate for me the night before my actual birthday. THANK YOU!
Made by my auntie. I love that curry crab.
Chilling at Mac while waiting for Angela and the Love birds (evon & mian)

*there are actually more photos but they are with dara
Sunday, April 22, 2007 at 4/22/2007 12:15:00 PM
Woke up at 9plus on a Sat morning , left my place at abt 11am and got home at 11plus that night. So in total, i was out for abt 12hrs. Lols. Went a few places that day. Had Yum Cha for breakfast cum lunch with Kitkat. I LOVE DIM SUM!!!!! yum yum yum yum!!
He left at 1plus for his cell grp while I shop abit in Bugis and went The Central to meet my sisters and cousin.

We went Settlers' Cafe (i am not sure if it is spelled correctly but its roughly spelled like tt =X)

Its a nice place to hang out with your friends. Lots of different kinds of board games. It is located near Clarke Quay MRT station. At abt 5plus, kitkat finally reach Clarke Quay after his cell grp thingy and we all had dinner at pepper lunch and went to watch some performance in Tampines.
The kpo look
Playing with my sis's spects. lols

Bunnies in actioN!

We took alot of pics in e car. too bored. lols

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 4/18/2007 10:53:00 PM
Judgement of LIGHT . lols. Claimed by Kitkat
Taken by my 2nd sis who was bored at that time.
From this to . . . . . . .

My hair was chopped off at some salon in Wisma. I miss my long hair :(
Issit this cute? I mean funny looking thing. Its a kind of Japanese cake. YUMMY!
Cherleen sent me this pic. All the models that night were all beautiful and handsome.
Attended Cherleen's graduation at NAFA last Wednesday. Though her team did not won the best brand concept, she did a pretty good job for her FYP. Handsome angmo models. What a pity that I din bring my cam that day, if not I could have taken their picture.My nose almost bleed when they were doing the runway. LOLS. Oops.

esta cherleen shoonie

Friday, April 06, 2007 at 4/06/2007 12:13:00 AM
My new school bag (:

My birthday gift this year frm my 3 lovely sisters. (its a early gift)

Initially I wanna get a Fossil watch but when i reached the store in Heeren, I think its better to get a bag instead. I have like 5 watches now. Lols. I need a new schoolbag. This lovely bag cost $300plus. Lols. Its real leather thats why its expensive. I am loving it. (:




YUKI-CHAN!!! lols

Thursday, April 05, 2007 at 4/05/2007 02:52:00 AM
eh, i doubt canny wants that grp pic to be posted so I put a smiley face on hers. And of cos these 2 Cs are prettier in reality. (:

Cheryl , canny, carol and me (all Cs) went for steamboat somewhere in Bugis. Canny won some cash frm the d&d and decided that we should spent it on steamboat.The food is nice. especially those pork balls. lols. It cost $12.80+ per person after 10.30pm. We went in late cos they are working today. The manager asked us to go Zouk, but it was a last minute thingy, canny and I were wearing shorts today. Lols. We asked the bouncer if shorts were allowed, he said " For ladies, anything also can, dun wear also can" Crazy.LOLS. I saw some other colleagues from other outlets. ( They are all much older than us, we are consider the younger ones. )

I was wearing Polo tee and shorts. Lols. For the first time, I went clubbing wearing shorts and tee . I was not in "full gear" today.( which means I din wear much make up) Lols.

Tonite they played those retro songs which we all don't appreciate and we duno how to dance to the songs. So we sat there and laughed at others cos some ppl are really funny there (i mean the way they danced and behaved). We only ordered a jug and shared among 3, we don't plan to drink much but just abit. The 2 Cs paid for the drink. Lols. We played 5 10.

Got home at 2plus. Will be going St James watever soon with cheryl and company. This time round, FULL GEAR! lols

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 at 4/04/2007 01:03:00 AM
Drawn by shoonie the artist.
Lols. Ugly drawing. My drawing is never good. eh not true, the "heart shape" I drew is pretty cute. (well, only that "heart shape", the rest sucks.)
Monday, April 02, 2007 at 4/02/2007 01:02:00 AM

Went to kitkat's cousin's wedding on sunday night. Suppose to work till 9.30pm but his mama asked me if i wanna go on sat. Luckily cheryl allow me to leave at 5.30.
Enjoyed myself alot. (:

Chinese wedding dinner consists of

- Drunk Men
- Drunk Angry Pi-po
- Pi-po who are angry with drunk men when they start to misbehave.


Justin asked me to join some beauty pageant that will be held by his company i think.
of cos I rejected. Come on, LOOK AT ME. hw can I join?
he was telling me that I got the potential.
very funny, I know my flaws, I don't suit such things neither am I interested.
i am not tall enough, not pretty enough and most importantly, i am not slim enough.
oh shit. lols