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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 10/29/2008 05:41:00 PM

WTF!!!! LOL. OH YES OH YES. I am gonna pass this time round. yes yes I din managed to clear it last year ):

I should have done this topic last year instead of some exhibition thingy. @#$%^&*

Was smiling on my way to school after my PP presentation. lols.

Now I can happily go to cruise with my family and kitkat (yes kitkat is going but my dad is sharing room with us. lols)

Gonna buy SHOES AND COSMETICS!!!! WOOT!!!!!! We will be stopping by in KL on the 2nd day. I already planned where to go, going to Pavilion.

The ____ is next end month i think. Well, most likely. I am very happy that my friends and my mum supported me. Some of my friends said I have that ___________ look and they believe that I can make it. Well, I hope the _______ think the same way as my friends. I pray for another victory next month.
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 10/24/2008 02:00:00 PM
Taken some of these pictures on Monday in school. We are suppose to take some photos in the library to do this "photo merging" thingy. Kinda interesting but I just hate the coding part -.-

Me & Mikal (my talk c*ck buddy) lols

Asked Mikal to take a picture of me and he zoom in and focus on my face. Idiot.

Kitkat's laptop. He is my Number 1 fan. LOL No wonder I could not find my Miss SIT F4 tag after the event. He stole it and paste it on his laptop.

The Number 1 Fan + Boyfriend and the Girlfriend

I was working morning shift on Saturday (25th Oct) and as usual, I have to reach the counter by 10.20am. I noticed that OG had already put up Christmas decoration at the basement. Usually I will be very happy to see Christmas decoration and I have always loved Christmas season cos its like a happy season.

Unfortunately now, it simply reminds me of the day my beloved grandma passed away. She left us on 23rd Dec '08. My family and I spent our Xmas Eve and Xmas Day at the funeral. I still miss her a lot. Sometimes I dreamt about her and cried in my dreams, when I woke up, I will feel extremely upset about it. There is nothing I could do now but to send my daimoku to her. She is the one who taught me to cook fried rice (and I am so so so proud of the fried rice I cooked, so delicious. lol)

I remembered when I was young, while I was playing with my sisters in my mum's room, she made butter and sugar sandwich and milo for us. She would bring it upstairs a few times for us to eat. She did not complain, she was 70plus at that time. During Lantern Festival, my cousin, my sisters and I would play in the garden. There was a stone table in the garden and after we got sick of carrying the lanterns around, we started to burn the lantern and play with candles on the stone table. End up, my grandma will have to scrap off those candle wax on the stone table the next day. She did scold us for doing it but we still repeat the same thing every year (until I was 14).

I love you grandma.

Actually I enjoy talking to elderly people. It is actually quite interesting.Some of the customers I served are elderly people and I will communicate with them in Teochew . I remember there was this very very old woman (about 90plus years old) , she used to sell tissue outside Centrepoint. So whenever I walked past and if I see her, I will give her $2 or $5 and take a packet of tissue and she would smile at me. She But I haven seen her for like 6months. I guess..she is gone.
Check Spelling

I checked that forum just now and to my horror, I might have to go for the ______ in late November. There is no ____ in Dec. SHIT!!!!! I am not prepared to go for the ______ in Nov. But I guess, I just have to do it before I regret.

Start eating yogurt,fruits, vegetables and NO FRIED FOOD in Nov. Which means after the cruise trip, I have to watch my diet. FCUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 10/19/2008 12:13:00 AM
Ha, got nominated for Miss SIT and Mr SIT. But obviously I din win la. Expected. its more like a popularity contest,
i am not popular in school and I am very low-profile (that is my point of view).
It is a good experience though. My partner was Leon.
It was fun (and at the same time stressful) to perform with him.
We sang Collide and I have to master it less than 24hrs (alright, in the end, I din master it
completely. lol) I slept at abt 3am and woke up at 5.30am. Damn tired.
Met up with my bunch of crazy yet lovely girlfriends and celebrated KA ling's bday. My lovely KA ling. lol.
I like to call her KA ling instead of kailing. lol We ate at Aji-Tei. Oh man, the food is good. I am gonna go back there again.

Looking retarded (I mean me)
Zomg, its delicious
i think it must be KA ling who took this pic. lol
My lovely crazy girlfriends

Some random picture. The days when I was WoW-ing. Kinda missed it though. Haven been playing more abt 2months plus (becos my card expired)
I enjoy shooting shadow bolts and seeing it crits up to 6k. LOL SHIOK SIA!! My character is the beautiful blood elf Lindriaz

I LOOKED tall. I repeat LOOKED only. LOL

KA ling took this when I was sleeping.
In Tung's blog, she wrote "shoonie 'fishing'. " LOL. I look damn cock la in this picture. Duno why my mouth was like "popping" out.