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beauty blender
Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 2/17/2009 02:21:00 PM

Free cherryculture lipgloss with any purchase (:

Recently I bought this make up sponge , Beauty Blender online and SERIOUSLY, IT IS VERY GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! I used to have a hard time blending my liquid foundation properly and this wonder make up sponge makes it so easy. You can use it on loose powder, mineral powders,2-way cake and liquid foundation.

Cons : 1) Have to wash it after every use. (Actually it depends on you but I washed it each time I used it)

2) Expensive, US$19.95 (Can last you for about 3months , provided you take good care of it)

3) Not available in Singapore, I purchased it from www.cherryculture.com . I tried to purchased it from Amazon.com but they do not ship in beauty products to Singapore. (I tried finding it in Singapore but I can't it)

You might be wondering how I get to know of this product, I always enjoy watching Youtube videos on makeup and it happened that there was a tutorial on How to apply liquid foundation. And yea thats how I know that this Beauty Blender do exist.