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Out with sherrie the meanie. lol
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 at 12/03/2008 10:51:00 PM

My new friend, Sherrie (the meanie). LOL
Got to know to her from a forum and we started chatting in msn for quite some time before we meet up. She gave me a nick Puddie. I don;t know why and how. Its sounds cute but sounds like a dog's name. lol. She is DAMN cute. Bubbly, friendly and super nice. Her batchmates will be very fortunate to have her in their class.

for him
Both me and sherrie bought The Queen magazine (its all in chinese, so..I will have a hard time reading and each of us got a freebie , its eyeshadow but she gave me hers and she don't often use it. * WAHAHAHAhA*

I read CLEO (Dec issue) and 4 women tried Fine Fairness Neutrogena range. They gave good reviews on it. So... I am gonna give it a try. I sign up for the free trial online. They will be sending me a trial package that consists of a cleanser, toner and a mask. So I went to buy the lotion yesterday. Will be buying the night cream as well but at the moment I am using the one which the doctor gave me.

Bought a pair of navy blue colour heels from Heatwave, the shoes are very lasting. Especially the heels, unlike some of the shoes which I bought from Far east in the past, they break easily.

i don't know how
I don't know why
All i know is, there will be a best outcome for us.