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Level of determination and motivation added
Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 11/05/2008 07:59:00 PM
My younger sister wants to study in a Uni as a full time student. She hates the idea of working full time and studying part time. (I really understand that and I hate it too) . But my mum is not able to fork out 30K or more to let her study full time in a Uni.

I am very sure my mum din want it this way too.

All thanks to my 3rd uncle. (if not things will not turn out this way)

Seeing my sister being so upset about it. The more determined I am,

I MUST GET ____ ___

I want to lessen my mum's burden.

I want to sponsor my sis's future study even if its a small amount.

I want to give my parents monthly allowance instead of taking it from them.

I want to provide my parents a better life. If possible, hire a part time maid so that my mum need not work so hard.

Well, it is not that I come from a poor family, we are average income family but still..