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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 11/20/2007 12:46:00 PM
Have been QQ-ing lately.

Not due to my studies

Not due to my work

Not due to my r/s with kitkat

It is due to my grandma.

Lately she has foot infection. So..the virus actually spread up to her legs.

We were given 2 options 1) amputated both her legs 2) Just leave it and let the virus kill her.

My aunts, uncles and dad decided to let her die peacefully. She is too old to have an operation (btw my grandma is 86 yrs old)

If WoW became reality, I would really want to give my grandma Soulstone (something which warlock has to revive herself/others) or give my grandma greater healing potion to get health.

But it is just a game.

We have been visiting her lately after work and school.
Initially I cried a lot when my aunt told me this bad news and soon I got sick, fever, sore throat and coughing "become my friend". I think it was because I cried too much and do not have enough rest.

Soon I began to accept the fact that she will be leaving us. I don't know maybe it is better for her.

Recently some guild mates (er yes WoW terms again) came over to Singapore to meet us. They join us for dinner at Spize. Ever since Perlin went back to U.S, I became the only girl at the meeting. ): She will be back in Feb i guess.

But this week Aidey (Yishi) came to the spize meeting too. She just got back from Australia as she is having her holidays now.

WoW can be very interesting too, you get to meet other people from other countries and people in Sg playing WoW.

Had a screen shot of my toon. Will upload it soon :D She is beautiful! LOL