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Monday, October 29, 2007 at 10/29/2007 03:29:00 PM
Been busy lately, with WoW(world of warcraft), going out with friends kitkat blah blah.
Been wanting to change my blog skin but NO TIME!!! ):

Right now I am blogging during Java lesson, meeting 3. The last team is presenting now. Having UT later. crap. A lot of us SEEMS to be slacking today. Lols. The codes were like been passed around.

We rent a space in the flea market last Saturday. Its quite fun actually but we did not do much preparation for it and its not really organised. So we plan to email Lime again to book a space in the flea market. Its held next to Cineleisure. Will upload the pics we took there soon (:

Finally I am level 69 now. Been playing WoW since Feb. I am actually consider quite slow. The highest level right now for WoW is level 70. Then I can make powerful robes with LOTS of spell power (becos my class is a warlock.hee), go into Karazhan and hopefully I can go raids with my beloved Kitkat. Yes he is the one who influenced me to play WoW. Now I am addicted to it. Darn.

Uploading pics real soon.

Oh ya, I have been looking for this song "Anything for you" sang by U-phonik
If anyone has it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you! lols