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Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 5/12/2007 02:07:00 AM
FridaY (11/5)

Went out with my aunties today after school. Went Bugis for steamboat session. For the first time, I ate too much (or issit I drank too much , laugh too much?) that I felt like vomiting. Almost vomited in the train when we were on our way home. I already had that "i-feel-like-vomiting" feeling, someone who just board the train, has some BO, I could not stand the smell that I almost vomited.

I almost vomited, haven had this feeling for a long long time. The girls quickly got me a plastic bag, donated by my dearest tung, she took her necklace out from the plastic bag and gave it to me in case I needed it.

Taking pictures while waiting for bus 107

They were playing with my Cleo umbrella. lols
I haven been taking a lot of pictures ever since I chopped my hair, I think i look sucky. Waiting for my hair to grow.
Tung look like some sneaky little girl "stealing" a tang yuan
After waiting for so long, that damn bus still not here, we realised that the last bus was at 1938. We were like WTH!!!!! So we took a train home.
Small Gulp V.S Big Gulp
We were so thirsty that we went 7-11 to get Big Gulp. COKE!! After we drank it, we were like "Woo la la~"

Meeting my kitkat tml, going Town to get WOW card. Time to play WOW!! Lols. I miss kitkat.