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Thursday, April 05, 2007 at 4/05/2007 02:52:00 AM
eh, i doubt canny wants that grp pic to be posted so I put a smiley face on hers. And of cos these 2 Cs are prettier in reality. (:

Cheryl , canny, carol and me (all Cs) went for steamboat somewhere in Bugis. Canny won some cash frm the d&d and decided that we should spent it on steamboat.The food is nice. especially those pork balls. lols. It cost $12.80+ per person after 10.30pm. We went in late cos they are working today. The manager asked us to go Zouk, but it was a last minute thingy, canny and I were wearing shorts today. Lols. We asked the bouncer if shorts were allowed, he said " For ladies, anything also can, dun wear also can" Crazy.LOLS. I saw some other colleagues from other outlets. ( They are all much older than us, we are consider the younger ones. )

I was wearing Polo tee and shorts. Lols. For the first time, I went clubbing wearing shorts and tee . I was not in "full gear" today.( which means I din wear much make up) Lols.

Tonite they played those retro songs which we all don't appreciate and we duno how to dance to the songs. So we sat there and laughed at others cos some ppl are really funny there (i mean the way they danced and behaved). We only ordered a jug and shared among 3, we don't plan to drink much but just abit. The 2 Cs paid for the drink. Lols. We played 5 10.

Got home at 2plus. Will be going St James watever soon with cheryl and company. This time round, FULL GEAR! lols