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Friday, March 30, 2007 at 3/30/2007 11:50:00 AM

Was waiting for kitkat to end his prayers meeting at Century sQuare last night and matt called me. He needs help to give zoe a surprise. lols.
we reached zoe's place at about 11plus and started to place all the light-sticks on the field below her house. It says "Happy B'day I Love you". Matt treated us Mac to thank us at Hougang green. Lols. by the time we ate and talked rubbish, its already 2.30. For the first time, 2 men "escort" me till my door step. lols. Matt ended the day with me by saying this to me and kitkat , " alright yuki, do watever u need to do while I wait at the lift" . lols. funny guy.
Finally my cosmetics are organized properly instead of storing them in my cute teddy bear pouch which I bought from teddy bear museum. Now I have like 9 mascaras. I think I am crazy. lols

My love.
For the 1st time, we took this kind of sticker pictures. lols.
crap. This is my first time wearing leggings with a top. It has been a long time since I dress like a girl (Chris said I am only feminine if I wear dress, eh, i guess this is consider wearing a "dress" )