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Friday, March 23, 2007 at 3/23/2007 10:00:00 PM

this looks soooo cute. Its the shape of mount fuji. lols. kitkat bought it for me. Was sharing it with my family just now. it is soooo delicious.
This is Rich. He is very cute at times. Love him when he is quiet and well-behaved. Hate him when he is irritating, barking fiercely at kitkat, (sometimes at me). Hate it when he start making that i-wanna-bite-you-real-hard sound. actually he got a very bad temper but in fact he is a useless dog. lols. he shivers when he hears thunder and will be VERY VERY quiet and obedient when it rains. He is afraid of moving objects like cars. Lols. Watever it is, I love him. Btw, he is not my dog. He belongs to Kitkat.
The man in action. (duno why is he smiling away)

Watched "Mr Bean Holiday" with kitkat and Matthew. That movie was ok. I am a big fan of Mr Bean's , soooo even if its not a really good movie, I would still say ITS NICE!!!!! lols