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Wednesday, March 07, 2007 at 3/07/2007 12:22:00 AM
Ate fish & co with hannah and michy. Miss those days in school. Unfortunately hannah may be leaving us (missing in school) as she might be going to SMU (or issit SIM) Had a great time. (:
matrix couple?

Stayed over at Kitkat's place on Monday. We went rivervalley road to have our dinner. I watched Hk series till 5plus in e morning while he was playing WOW till 5plus. lols. So tired. recently was watching "Under the canopy of Love", its very nice. How I wish my love story is like a fairy tale too. At abt 9plus in e morning, Rich slept with us. He kept scratching the door wanting to come in, no choice but to let him in. @#$% dog. lols. jk. Went wow-ing with kitkat and chris in e afternoon. oh man i am sooooooo tired.
went tcc with my aunties last friday. oh yea Sebastien came along. Still the same old Sebas, as funny as ever. we watched The Protege. Good movie with handsome actors. Oops

my dearest Sister and her bf. Kitkat and him came over for dinner last Sunday. My mum ordered us to be home by 7pm to have dinner. And to eat Tang yuan cos its last day of cny.
Left-overs of peanuts

I wore a dress on Sat and met up with Kitkat at Suntec, he was shocked that I wore a dress. He said its nice. Lols. I am a GIRL HELLO?! every girl looks good in a dress.

Sinful meal. Lols.

Lovely noodles specially cooked by Tungi. coated with LOVE ESSENCE. lols
Banana (no idea who gave her this nick. could it be...tungi?)

This is what happens when u play WOW too much. (became one of the mobs)