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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 2/21/2007 07:37:00 AM
Today is Chu si and I have to start working again. Hopefully I am able to finish those stuff and I won't have to go work again on Friday. Watched Just Follow Law ytr with kitkat,matt and eric. We missed a bit of the front part becos eric was late. His reason was "I was chatting with my future girlfriend." Lols. Good reason huh? hopefully he can win this girl's heart soon. and the 3 good buddies will be ALL attached. (oops)
Went Spize after that with them. talk c*ck and had a good laugh. They were discussing where to go for a short trip. its interesting to hear guys arguing where they shd go. lol.

din have the time to upload the pics I took recently in Cny. will upload soon.

I guess the time when you realised that you love someone deeply is when you realised how precious your life is, its not because you are afraid of death. It is because you don't wish to break your love one's heart. You dun wish to see them getting upset over you. But sometimes I wonder, when one realised his own mistake, issit too late?