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Thursday, February 15, 2007 at 2/15/2007 10:19:00 PM
Its WOW-ing time!!! I started playing WOW recently. But I still do not have my own account. I am using one of kitkat's character in his account to play first. In a way, they are "training" me. Surprisingly,its kinda fun playing wow. Lols
went out with my darling on Tue (the day before Vday) for last minute shopping at Vivo city. We both need to get something for our love ones. Both bought GAP shirts for our dearest. :) We went PS for dinner and bought some stuff too. We ate Pasta Mania (error in spelling i think), those were the left-overs. lols.
Have been working in my aunt's office these few days. Easy job but boring(BUT GOOD $$. lols) Dozed off a few times. Lols. The colleagues there are kinda fun as in, joker. While working,sometimes they would say lame jokes but its really funny. Its interesting to hear what kind of stuff adults talk about.
The gift for Kitkat. It looks ugly but in reality,its kinda cute. lols
took a pic of his LV slippers. I dun understand why the designer in LV actually design SLIPPERS and selling them at a high price (alright, nonsense,LV what, confirm expensive). But the quality of it is very good i would say :)