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Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 1/13/2007 07:02:00 PM
watched Fast Food Nation with hannah and mich at PS yesterday.
I would not say its a bad movie neither would i say its a good movie.
It shows the dark side of fast food. It shows how cows were killed for their meat.
How some workers in the plant lost their legs and arms to the machines.
Those with "certain powers" used their authorities to force innocent women into sex.
Sigh, after watching that movie, its kinda of disturbing.
we had our lunch at Cafe carte, we ate fish. Lols. No meat.

went kitkat's place after that, watched Sex and the city. Had dinner with his family (almost all).
kinda scary though, not that his family were scary, I am just shy. LOLS!

Suppose to work today. I fall sick..again! damn!
Must produce MC, but on a saturday afternoon, its difficult, unless i go to those 24hrs clinic but its so expensive.
I went Woodlands and AMK to find. My area's clinics were closed.
My efforts were in vain.
too bad for me.
In e end, my supervisor said its ok.
btw, a part timer, dun really need to produce a MC.
like what I have mentioned. I AM JUST A FREAKING PART TIMER!!!

gotta rest. bye