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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 1/16/2007 09:13:00 PM

This is the day which ALL the WOW players were waiting for. BC DAY! Lols
alot of people were queuing up to collect their expansion pack.
and of course, kitkat, maki and chris were one of them. They queued for nearly 2 hrs.
I was surprised to see that even working adults are playing WOW. (cos they are Q-ing for it too)
Had stomach cramp for like 3/4 of the day. I waited at starbucks for them while drinking tea and reading magazine.
Kitkat and I had Japanese food for dinner. we ate at some restaurant at takashimaya. The food was good. The chicken meat was WHITE and TENDER! I am not lying. The meat is really WHITE!
Went Gap and kitkat bought a white tee. finally, he don't own a white tee. Lols.
I bet now he must be playing the new expansion. enjoy.

Boring, sch starts AGAIN tml.

15th Jan

no school today and on tue due to the open house thingy.
went to kitkat's place and we had breakfast in bed, ate mac! Lols
went orchard at about 4plus and bought a top from GG5 (kitkat pay for me first cos i am broke!! ARGH!!)
but that top is for cny :)

met up with some w2.4B ex-classmates and we head for newton circus for dinner.
we ordered kang kong, "la la", sting ray, fried noodles and sotong. All spicy except for the noodles.
mian ate till he was sweating all over . Lols. evon had to wipe his sweats while he was eating. ;P
we went to Eski bar later to chill.
so everything ended at about 12plus. some of us were tired and went home first.
The lovebirds went somewhere else to chill.