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Saturday, December 30, 2006 at 12/30/2006 01:35:00 PM
Wrote this in the snow

bored in the plane
seafood steamboat
Baskin Robbins ice-cream
In Teddy bear museum (if u watched Gong, u will know wat it is)
Finally i am back!!!
I miss kitkat so so so so so much. I had fun in Korea. 7days just passed like that.
Did quite a number of things which I had never do before in my life. Horse riding and skiing. Its pretty fun actually. The things there were pretty expensive. 3/5 of the money I spent on is on make ups. Brands like TheFaceShop, Missha, TheSkinFood and Etude House. It is so damn cheap in Korea. Unfortunately Etude House is not in Sg, their packaging is extremely lovely. :)
The food in Korea is very different compared to Sg, everyday we ate vegetables and pork. Every meal, they will serve plain water. Koreans dun really drink tea. Beef, chicken, duck meat and dog meat (yes Koreans eat DOG MEAT!) are very expensive in Korea. Pork is very cheap there. Their pork taste very different from Sg's pork. (korean pork taste better)
Went to 2 of their theme parks. Everland and Lotte World. Everland is kinda of similar to the disney land in Tokyo. Its pretty fun there. Unfortunately Sg dun have such big and fun theme parks. :(
There is alot more for me to talk about this korea trip. Cant possibly update all in here. But what i can say is, its a nice place (But japan is still better than Korea) . But i THINK most of us will not get use to their food. :)