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Friday, December 08, 2006 at 12/08/2006 01:10:00 AM

My new look. (well, not excatly new look but new colour)

Rebonded my hair today at Papileo. I din know it comes with a free colour treatment. So I chose black. Since I always wanted to colour it back black, den why now since i dun have to pay extra. lols. typical Sporean. Lols.
But it will only last me a few weeks, according to that lady. but watever.
the hairstylist cut my hair shorter. :(

Went to meet kitkat after his work. he laughed at my new look and said i was his twin sister. arghhhhhh..
we went bugis to ah yen (cheryl) my dress as she need to attend michelle's wedding tml. damn i gotta work tml and i cant go. den we went to the Xin wang watever watever to eat, well i only drink iced tea.
finally mummy is gonna buy me a sweater tml (provided she thinks its suitable to wear to Korea). meeting her before i start work tml together with kitkat.

gonna sleep pretty soon.. yawn