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Sunday, December 03, 2006 at 12/03/2006 11:16:00 AM
I woke up feeling very sad this morning. It was raining this morning and it din make things better. I dun excatly know why am I feeling this way. I mean everything is fine. nothing is wrong. But, I cant help it but to feel sad and I dun wanna be some emo-freak.
This kind of feeling which I am having right now, is like as if I have lost someone dearest to me or someone dearest to me might be leaving me soon. I duno why. I just hate this freaking feeling. I had this feeling in feb and now it is coming back.Whenever I am feeling very sad, I would just wanna sleep. Cos when you sleep, I wun think of anything. I dun want some things to repeat again. I am not sure if I am to handle it again.
Maybe right now I am in the mode "analysing , analysing till I paralyse".
So i better jolly well stop it.

Going to bugis to work today instead of paragon.
and again, I am dragging myself to work..

i am missing kitkat badly now..