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Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 11/19/2006 01:11:00 AM
Watched Casino Royale on friday, not bad. lots of fighting action.
I watched it for free. hehe.
cos 2 of my lovely elder sisters' boss gave them 4 tickets for this movie.
it is more like a company function. so me and my youngest sister went with them.
in e end I din go Spize with kitkat, we were at Mac doing my rj. Got home at 12plus.
damn tired (as usual)

Sat (18/11)
at work, there was this freaking customer, scare the hell outta me.
while i was helping her to put the top which she wanted to try on in the fitting room,
she came in and closed the damn freaking door and began to take off her top.
i was shocked and i said "Mdm, sorry" and i quickly got out of the freaking fitting room.
deep in my heart i was like cursing and swearing at her. wth, changed right infront of me,
crazy shit. I was still inside the fitting room at that time, I am so BIG, cant she see me?
cant she wait? my god.

after work, met up with kitkat , matt and carrie (matt's fren,unsure hw to spell her name)
matt's fren is so petite. I felt like a giant sitting beside her. Lols. alright alright cool cool , i am fat
the initial plan was to chill out at starbucks and watched family guy using kitkat's lappy,but matt called kitkat to meet up at spize
so..we went there..watched family guy..chatted awhile..and..i..WENT HOME! (alright, thats stupid, for writing it this way..)
kitkat and matt went to play lan game at PS while i go home alone. :(
ARGH!! will be going over to vivocity gg<5 to relief. so troublesome, hate to go other outlets to relief.

i miss KitKat