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Monday, November 27, 2006 at 11/27/2006 10:41:00 AM
in class now..blogging (obviously)
i am bored (obviously)
the temptation to skip today's class is like 85%.
its some chinese nation faci today. ling rong is sick.
i dun understand the problem statement at all.
don't know what the hell it is talking about.
its science module today. fcuk.
i hate science. fcuk

Was working at Bugis ytr, saw a familiar face..again!
saw my one of my ex-es at the control station when i was on my way to work.
saw him last thurs at takashimaya foodcourt.He saw me and i THINK he remember me cos he looked at me. I pretend I duno him. Scary.
i still remember that he told my friend that if i were to initiate the break-up to him face to face, he would slap me and pour ice-lemon tea on me (guess his favourtite drink is ice lemon tea. watever)Crazy shit.
tt time i was only 16, thinking back about it now, i wonder why did i like him in the past. yikes, some beng, yikes. until now he still wearing bell-bottom jeans. Oh god. its 2006 NOW!!! Yes retro fashion is back..BUT NOT BELL-BOTTOM JEANS!!

Gonna start reading the problem statement again, hopefully I wun give up and i am gonna pray hard that I can understand today's problem statement.