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Sunday, October 22, 2006 at 10/22/2006 01:10:00 AM
Took with my dearest sister when we were at the cruise last Fri


I dragged myself to work today. The thought of what she said made me wanna slap her and ask her to wake up her fcuking idea.
Was kinda sick (again) when i woke up this morning, had running nose.
when i reached Paragon, I din see her and luckily she is off today.
my colleagues realised I was in a bad mood today and asked why.
I only told one of them why.
luckily there are ppl like B in the company, she is a peacemaker.
she explained to me why A acted this way and etc.
of cos, it does not give her the reason to be unreasonable and not understanding.
But i can understand how tiff felt ( as in, she lost a loved one and was in a bad mood)

I am a very soft-hearted person. Immediately the anger I had went away.
I just hope that she will be more reasonable and stop acting like a fcuking bitch.
the thought of quitting this part time job and get another one kept appearing in my mind.
but its silly to quit cos of one person.
not worth it.

Anyway, tml will be a better day.well, it better be..

I love kitkat..
believe it or not, my first love is kitkat.