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Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 9/24/2006 11:48:00 PM
woke up at 9 today and got ready to go to work.
i dragged myself out of bed.
was so tired.
the sucky feeling got worse this morning. i guess its cos tml is monday
monday blues.
i hate school now but i know what i need is time.
i need time to adapt to it.
i am gonna miss him alot.
the amt of time we are gonna spend together will be lesser compared to last sem.
watever shit hell it is, or how far apart we are physically,my heart will be still with him..

i woke up at abt 9am with a nose running abt (alrite i had running nose) to bake a cake for kitkat.
but i used a heart-shape cookie cutter
to cut out small little heart-shape cakes for him.
my mum did help me abit and she was jealous.
Lol. becos i din do all these for her birthday.
by the time i reached his place, its 3plus.
I was so tired after all those sneezing and the medicine i took. fcuk!!
i needed a sleep. so we slept for an hour plus.
by the time we got ready to go out. its like 6plus.

We had nydc at holland V (alright thats damn far for me).
there were abt 11 of us, we bought cheesecake for kitkat.
sang the bday song. took some funny pics.
we headed for One Rochester at 9plus. It is a very nice place.
nice place to chill out with frenz or lovers.