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Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 9/14/2006 10:52:00 AM
Went O bar and momo last nite with cherleen,esther and anna (cherleen's friend)
I think i drank alot last nite and got crazy by 2am i think.
But this time i din ran around like how i did when i went Butterfactory with kitkat the other day. Lols. So embarrassing!
When we were about to go home, i broke one of my heels.
the girls sat on the chair to rest awhile while i sat on the floor. Lols.
In short, i was crazy last nite! But i was not drunk. I knew what i was doing.
Had fun with them last nite.
I did not remove my make up when i got home, i just changed and went to sleep.
Cherleen sent me right up to my doorstep and i vomited at the nearby drain. Lols. ARGH embarrassing embarrassing..

Meeting kitkat at Kovan, going to Cold Storage and get some ingredients.
he is coming over and I am suppose to cook for him.
But right now, I dun feel like cooking. I am still feeling giddy..
argh..fcuk fcuk fcuk!
and finally i am meeting Evon,my beautiful girl later on in the evening.
we r going to ikea to get something. miss her so much..

Will upload some pics we took at Obar.