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Monday, September 04, 2006 at 9/04/2006 02:35:00 AM
i was kinda disappointed at the Krunk party.
its not as fun or exciting like what i thought.
Was persipiring while dancing at the open field.
i dun quite enjoy outdoor parties.
well obviously i am not an outdoor person.
got home 3plus i think. damn tired, still gotta work the next day.

kitkat cooked spaghetti (error in spelling i think) for me on Fri.
he made grilled chicken fillet for me too.
it was nice. i still remember the taste.
yummy!! i WANT MORE!!!

on sat, i was not feeling well but still i gotta work. ARGH!!
after work i met up with kitkat.
he made me sandwiches with sweet egg.
some kind of japanese style of cooking the egg.
seriously, i always have this thinking that eggs are not suppose tp taste sweet.
i still eat it, i mean he is so sweet, made it for me.
i really appreciate it, thank you.

we watched Monster House on sat, alrite its kinda stu but its touching.
i had a fever and we went 7-11 to get panadol.
i felt better the next day and went to work.
The new launch is on 4th Sep. so we gotta OT.
worked till 1am. phew, that was tiring.
wats worst, i gotta work on Monday but will be at Chinasquare. YES!!
I can finally work with my frenz again, i treat Imah and cheryl as my gd frenz.
i dun really see them as my colleagues.

alrite alrite..gonna sleep now!!

*what a long entry today*