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1st day of Sem 2.
Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 9/21/2006 09:10:00 PM
When I woke up this morning,
the thought of changing class made me felt so sick.
I dun wanna change class.
All of us were only in the same for like 4months.
4 short months.
I haven had that i-dun-wanna-go-sch feeling for a long time
and BINGO! i had it this morning.
My new class has many girls and only 5 guys to be excat.
They dun look freaky to me but i still miss my old class.
When sem 1 just started, i was still very new and duno the pi-po there,
but at least i still look forward to sch the next day.
BUT now, i hate school. i used to love school.

My old class is so united.
The guys and gals will still look for each other during breakouts and after school.
some of us hang out in the canteen today after school.
as some of us had not had our lunch.
we talked. we bitched.
we teased each other.
we laughed together.
its so fun. i doubt it will happen to my new class now.
when i was chatting wit kitkat in msn today.
tears formed in my eyes.
in e past i can just turn around and look at him.
and now, i can only look at his DP.
i miss him so much. i miss my old classmates too.
we merely changed class. he is just in the next freaking block.
but look at me, i am like dying. fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk!!!
i am having yuki withdrawal syndrome.