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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 9/12/2006 01:46:00 AM
time flies. that night just ended like that.
we were lying on the bed hoping to fall asleep.
but we just kept talking and BOO its 4.30am.
I fell alseep first in his arms. its so nice.
everything is so beautiful.
its unbelievable, sometimes I still cant believe that we are tgt.
its so amazing.
I was awaken by his dog at 8plus.
his dog kept scratching his door. every half and hr tt dog did it.
disrupted sleep. argh..
in e end he let his dog into the bed. Rich was on e bed with us and tried to lick me.
Rich did not wanna get out of the room (which means i cant sleep cos i dun feel secure)
In e end kitkat carried it out again.
ahhh finally can sleep peacefully. Woke up at 12plus and took a shower.

We met up with matt and ate at New York New York.
we went national library to see an exhibtion on world press photo.
the pictures were well taken. some were disturbing pictures.
i got phobias for war and bloody pictures.arghhhhhhh
after tat we went to matt's place, he wanna show kitkat some WOW movies.
while the guys were watching that, i was reading Cleo mag.
we had BK after tat and went home.
the day just ended like that.
school is reopening soon.
I am happy and sad at the same time that school is starting soon.
fcuk fcuk fcuk!