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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 8/30/2006 11:46:00 AM
taken at kitkat's place. he thinks he looks
damn cool after his shower

i woke up at 9.30 today , so damn early.
my aunt called me and asked if i can work for her.
unfortunately i can't. Its a good deal.
Within a few days, i can easily earn up to 400bucks.
too bad for me.
so i asked evon and kitkat if they could help.
i am still waiting for evon's answer.
alrite alrite, i got to go prepare now.
start work at 2pm today. Need to make up now..awwwwww

i miss kitkat


Finally I am off today. Went to kitkat's place and we played Worms.
We had 4 rounds, and i only won once (i cheated). Lols
Initially I am suppose to meet the girls for window shopping.
But it was cancelled.

Accompanied her to exchange a top, there was this stu black stain at the back.
the salesgirl din let her check when she purchased it.
met up with kitkat & matt at 8plus at heeren.
while evon and i were on our way to heeren, we saw dara TOH. Lols
we kissed and hugged her. haven seen her ever since holiday started.
i miss the pi-po in my class.
the 4 of us went spize for dinner.
it was fun (as usual)

went to spize with esther after work. 2 days in a row, i went Spize. Lols
Saw evon n woodblock there too. We sat with them and makan.
We joked and chatted. Miss those days in school.
kitkat was bored at the "wow" meeting.
he came over to our table and chatted awhile while waiting for matt to come back.