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Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 8/17/2006 09:22:00 PM
I love communication module,
too bad today was the last lesson for it.
we did a video on low birth rate in Sg (kitkat's idea) .
So funny. Had fun today
Other teams' video was interesting too except for particular team.
Jeanette said many things to us when the lesson ended.
what she said was true and sad. There were tears in my eyes.
Actually I wanted to cry out.

I will miss w2.4B (not all, just some of them)
This is life,there will be changes all the time
but certain things will never change.

As usual, I am very tired today.
went orchard with kitkat
evon took the same train as us as she was gg to suntec
another rp guy sitting beside evon seems to be pervert
he was doing his rj in the train and we saw his wallpaper.
shows a girl wearing very little lying on a sofa

with her legs wide open.
his nails were long and kinda disgusting.

he got that "i-wank-everyday'' face.
kitkat din saw him cos he was sleeping.

Got home at 7plus and i only ate pineapples for dinner. YEAH!
I love pineapples. whenever i eat that in school,

my classmates would tease me.
saying that i am pregnant. YA right..