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Friday, August 04, 2006 at 8/04/2006 01:06:00 AM
Evon is so sweet. She bought me the REAL new flavour kitkat and a lollipop.
We took a few pics today with it.
Gonna upload it tml when my kitkat send me the file.

Went to get chee chee's present after school today.
We had to tell her white lies
becos we cant let her know that
we are getting presents for her
There were like about 9 of us? i think so.
Its kinda interesting to shop for something with guys. Lols.
A few funny incidents happened throughout the whole outing.
After we shopped for chee's presents, we went Spize for dinner
As usual, we bitch again. It seems like Spize has become our favourite chill out place
Perhaps its my favourite chill out place now.

I am damn sleepy now.I miss kitkat as soon as i got into the cab.
yeah i know its mushy.
Less than 3 more weeks, we will be changing class.
I am gonna miss most of my classmates.
They are a bunch of interesting and funny pi-po.
Never seen guys so bitchy before but i guess its a good thing
To a certain extend, we girls could get along better with them.