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Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 8/20/2006 04:29:00 PM
As usual, met up with kitkat after work.
we went to Esplande and ate ThaiExpress.
It has been abt a year since i ate that.

After eating ThaiExpress (i ate laksa, NICE!)
my mouth stinks after eating laksa.
We went to 7-11 at marina square to buy Halls
while browsing thru some mag, i heard someone saying
"the wax the wax the wax...."
I looked up, i saw TUNG!!! Lols
i went behind her and try to peep at wat she was looking at.
She got shocked and turned. We were both like happy hippos.
we went home tgt and talked all the way non-stop.
going to the gym with her on tue and maybe ling is coming along.

suppose to be at work now but i am not feeling well.
got running nose. @#$%^
gonna meet up with cheryl,imah and anna for dinner later
sort of like celebrating her bday as it is coming real soon.
plus a bitching session with them.
haven seen them for quite some time.
gonna prepare now.