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Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 7/08/2006 12:53:00 AM
*With kit kat at the new cafe in our school*

Went to the new cafe at our school but I have forgotten the name of it. I drank Summer Peach, it sounds nice but it taste ok. nothing really special abt it. We waited for the drink for almost 20min i guess or even longer.
After lesson ended, was with kit kat in e class to kill some time before he goes for his cell grp and i have to go bbq. We were editing our pics, we started to make ourselves looking ugly in e pic. Lols. Eg, no eyebrow , extra wrinkles and extra pimples. Lols. Damn funny and crazy. We were laughing at wat sh*t we did to our pic. Lols.
Went pasir ris for Bbq to celebrate xm's birthday. There were only 6 of us including xm's bf. Its a small bbq. Just the gals and her bf, but the food we had was ALOT! We could not finish them. Lols. we can only start the fire at abt 9plus. Damn, we were all so hungry. So funny. Had fun though i was tired. Very tired. Lols.Gonna meet up with my babies in a few weeks time. Looking forward to it. *bitching and mocking at each other, thats wat we do! Lols*

msning with kit kat now..i miss kit kat, the pervert