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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 7/05/2006 11:38:00 PM

I enjoyed today's problem solving. Was fun. almost half of my class today had lunch with marc. he is such a nice facilitator :)
after school went to the library with kit kat. we were trying our luck to find a book "The dragon lady" . We played a stu yet cute game and that is ......... who will find that book 1st, and whoever din find it, will be punished! Lols. unfortunately, kit kat found it 1st. he was damn cocky when he found it. he said "yes yes i found it 1st" . idiot. -_-''

went heeren. watched kit kat enjoying his wanton mee at cineleisure foodcourt. i din eat as i dun feel like eating.
and again,i drank green apple GREEN TEA! lols. bought a new pimple cream!! Lols. happy happy. I am dying to clear my pimples! its driving me crazy. i hate pimples but pimples love me a lot. it kept coming back to me. ARGH!!!
went DB to take northeast line. i saw 3 aquas today. 3!!!! oh my.. 1st one was at PS, but kitkat din saw "him". only i did. it shows how "attractive" tt aqua is. Lol. Kidding.
2nd and 3rd ones were at the platform while i was waiting for the train. so weird. Lols

i miss kit kat.
i love kit kat.

i am crazy in love