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Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 7/02/2006 11:19:00 AM

A heart-shape lolly pOp. But its missing now!!!!

1st day at work at paragon outlet. Not as bad as what i USED to think. The crowd kept coming in, was busy serving customers. Time flies. And POP it was 9pm. Lols. my initial plan was to go home n relax,after work i checked my hp, kit kat asked me if i wanna chill out with him and his frenz. And of cos i agreed. Was smiling to myself while changing back to my own clothes. Happy Like a Hippo! Lols. Went spize with kit kat,mattew and 2 of his sp frenz. I juz drank ice milk tea. NO SUPPER FOR ME!! I gt to watch them eat. :( But its ok, its worth it.
And again, we saw a gay. but its a bisexual, well thats according to kit kat, he said tt guy is a bisexual, long hair, his eyes..like a woman's eyes with LONG LASHES!! f*ck! How i wish mine were like his lashes so long and volume. Whenever i am out with kit kat, we will always see funny n weird stuff. Lols.