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Drinking night at i-duno-whats-the-name-of-the-pub
Monday, July 24, 2006 at 7/24/2006 06:20:00 PM

Went to drink with evon,keldy,mian and kitkat after work on sat. After I drank a bottle of peach vodka,my body was red except for my face. But my face was swollen. Its always like that, whenever i drink, my body turns red and my face would be kinda swollen *damn*
Evon was drunk that nite. Mian and Keldy sent her home. I gotta work the next day and kitkat need to go to the church. Well I enjoyed that night.

I started drinking slimming tea again, but this time it is a different brand. After I drank it, a few hours later I went to ls. damn disgusting. My poor butt is suffering. LOls. Hopefully it works (as in lose those unwanted fats) . Duno why recently I am so so consious about how I look. ARGH!! Too self-consious.

I love kitkat. yummy. taste great. The best kitkat in the world. I have got a special kitkat which is priceless.