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Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 7/27/2006 11:22:00 AM
Today is suppose to be our outing day, but the guys wanted kitkat to play soccer..so..we have to postpone our outing. We planned to go New York New York in Citylink. A new cafe.
In e end, I went to Serene Centre (at bukit timah) with evon, dara toh and chee chee. We ate ice-creams at watever island cafe. QUite interesting. They have milk tea , bandung,apple pie and horlick flavour ice cream. I ate very berry ice cream puff. Quite nice.. *yummy*
That cafe is very interesting. They provide crayons and markers for pi-po to draw and paste it on their walls and u can print out ur pics and paste on their wall too. There is a machine there for you to print as long as u got a bluetooth. I am gonna go there with kitkat someday..
After eating ice-cream, we went to Mac, but chee chee and hershey left first. Left me and evon, we bitch until 8plus. That place is like a stranger to us, we had trouble looking for the bus stop .Evon found hers first, she accompany me to find my bus stop. We played hide and seek with the traffic lights. LOLS! It took us like 15min or more to find my bus stop. Lols. Surprisingly I reached home within 35min. Of cos hershey did help by telling us where to walk to the bus stop. I was kinda stu, could not figure it out. I called her earlier on to ask for directions, she asked me to cross the road, turn right..blah blah. But I still dun understand. So i passed the hp to evon, she can understand it better than me. OMG. This is a long entry. @#$&*
Actually I am blogging during 2nd meeting now.
Kitkat is in e same grp as me. Cos evon came late, therefore he joined my team as his team has only gt 3 pi-po. the Faci asked them to choose which team to go. I said " Yuki, come here"
I think I said too loud, the facti said " okok go there go there"
so embarrassing -_-''

Kit kat, the best chocolate in e world. MINE! lols