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Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 7/13/2006 09:49:00 PM
12th July
Went orchard and shop with kitkat. He bought a tee frm topman. quite nice. (i am the one who choose it. Lols) I bought a yellow top frm ness. happy happy. wanted to get a tee shirt from Esprit. but they dun have the size i want. SOLD OUT!! @#$%^!&!
we ate Carls jr tt day. WAH! damn nice + fattening. kit kat said he has grown fatter. Lol. So now we decided that we can only eat fast food twice a month and it would be on WED! Lols.
I am fat . I have gain 2kg! ARGH!!!!! I looked at the models from the mag to motivate myself to go on a diet. I must be strict to myself. I wanna lose that 2kg. nono. i wanna lose 3kg :)
I hate my big butt. I hate my tummy. I hate my pig trotters. i hate my bad complexion! Sucks!

i miss my kitkat.

today was damn late to school. missed my ut. i took the 7.45 bus, by right i can reach wdl interchange at abt 8.20am . in e end, this stu bus reached wdl interchange at 8.45am. @#$%^&!
got school at abt 8.55am. obviously i cant take ut.
recently I have been feeling kinda sick of school. i duno why i got this kinda feeling. The thought of my classmates and I changing class in a few weeks' time made me upset. But what to do? We can't make decision regarding this matter. SIAN!