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Friday, June 30, 2006 at 6/30/2006 10:43:00 PM
Took a pic with my kit kat today using his lappy. Wanted to take more and take some "normal" ones,unfortunately i was shy. duno wats wrong with me.arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
never mind, will be taking more using his lappy on monday and using my lousy digital cam. Cant wait. Lols. Today ayn,evon and angela din come to school. Its kinda quiet when one of us is not around :( (you girls better come to school everyday or else miss shoonie will smack ur butt! ) Lols. I saw many skinny girls in school today. Damn! Its time i do something about my figure. My mum gave me her slimming tea. She is too lazy to drink it. Lols. I am gonna start drinking it tml. Wahahaha..*happy sha la la , its so nice to be happy*
Was so sleepy in class today, some of my classmates saw me "sleeping" but i was'nt. I was just closing my eyes and rest for like..less than 10seconds? Mian msn me in class and said " tiam tiam koon" Lols. Even Ant said "shoonie keep sleeping in class" He was bitching with Mian. Lols. Idiot. Mian copy n paste the conversation n showed me. When i was in e train with dara n chee chee, they were both talking and i was in my dreamland. halfway thru, my head fell and hit chee chee's boobs! Was so sleeepppppyyyyy...when i was at work, I am like a zombie. My last day at csc outlet. Will be working at paragon frm July onwards. aaaaaaaawwwww i am gonna miss my colleagues at csc.
Where is my kit kat?