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s w e e t
Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 6/29/2006 12:58:00 AM
Its 12.56am now. I should be sleeping but I feel like blogging. I am kinda excited cos this is like my 2nd entry? Lols. It seems fun. hmmm..went to cut my hair at toa payoh. I was shy to cut my hair if kit kat is watching, so i asked my kit kat to walk ard first and when i am done, will give him a call. Seriously, it seems like there is not much difference after the hair cut, its like only my fringe looks shorter. Thats all! Lols.
And yes, I finally get to eat kfc today. I have been craving for it since sunday. haa. stu me. Despite having a sore throat,my kit ka still ate kfc with me. Lols. *smile*
Yummy yummy..cheese fries..crispy breast chicken..woo la la~ *drooling* I LOVE FATTENING FOOD!! they are my best friends. Perhaps this is how I get my figure today :(
we watched "the man in red underwear" its suppose to be out on 29.06 but i duno why it is out today. kit kat and I actually wanna watch that "fat orange cat" movie but we saw "the man in red underwear" . We were both excited about it and decided to watch it. Lols
We saw 2 gays while Q-ing for the tickets,oh man they are so cool~ wahahaha..I asked kit kat if one of them is handsome and he was like " huh? why asked me if he is handsome?" 2 girls infront of us heard me and started to laugh. So embarassing. I felt like digging a hole and juz hide inside.